by Karen Hunter

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released January 1, 2007



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Karen Hunter Auckland, New Zealand

Hunter de Luz (Karen Hunter) takes her audience on a sublime musical journey with evocative melodies that draw from a fusion of world music and rootsy grooves.

On her latest release Hunter loops her voice to create heart charged soundscapes, blending her many influences in an entertaining and original fashion.

Songwriting this good can not be faked. Ripitup
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Track Name: Drunk & Disorderly
drunk & disorderly

Church bells clangin’ and bangin’
Like the dryer in an all night Laundromat
The stench of the alley is wafting in
Through the hotel tap

Couldn’t sleep if I wanted to
Sunday morning comes way too soon
Saturday night stickin’ to my skin
And my boy on the cell with a “where you been?”

“One more drink oughta do it”
Was the last thing I can recall
That empty bottle was full before
God help me if I drank it all

I think you thought it was funny
But I didn’t think it was nice
A hand down your pants and a hand on the mic
I wasn’t staying

So I tumbled out to the carpark
With half a dozen in tow
We talked about taking the all night bus
But there was just nowhere to go

“One more drink oughta do it”
Was the last thing I can recall
That empty bottle was full before
God help me if I drank it all
Track Name: Perfect Jump
Perfect Jump

A taste of a perfect jump into the clear blue
you can see right through- the new blue you
too long keeping your head down
too big to stay that small
you can jump perfect right over the wall

a new pair of wings and a love of heights - what else can we use that for?
what more?.....dragon lips can taste new blood
a wink (we know what you’re thinking of)
tell me one day ......what that wink saw.........

jump up and down - don’t stop and touch the ground
I know there’s something waiting there for you
slamming doors - attention wanders
you wanna go there - you wanna go there - you wanna jump

the colours are somehow different - they’re brighter now
out your window it’s like.. blue – (it’s your harbour view)
something old from long ago ....a broken heart and book of songs
can you feel the change creeping over the moon?

take a look out on the clear blue sea
we’re gonna fly as far as we can see
spread your wings and feel the wind blowing
open your eyes (you can see where you are going)
Track Name: Mr Whippy Rides Again
Mr Whippy rides again …there he goes on his Norton

thrown out of school for some vague academic come attitude related issue

his friends were all drop-outs too, each with more bulk than a double bass in a Honda 3-door

our hero's piercing black eyes and Clutch Cargo jaw more than make up for his lack of height.

In this suburban paradise the sticky ooze of George Thoroughgood and Black Russians collects in sweaty puddles under the coffee table

Mr Whippy's rolling a four paper joint while topless chicks cook under the sun

Neanderthal boys push their tools into the broken bodies of machines that spend more time on blocks than on the road.

Our man, he's with his second girl of the afternoon - lust straining against his jeans

Wide lips smiling to hide the size of her mouth, “all the better to eat you with eyes” and hands that could crack a can of her own with-out a flinch.

“What sort of a girl are you?” he asks as she sinks to her knees

“A hungry one” she laughs just as girlfriend number one bounces through the door with a plate of burnt barbecued sausages and a handful of potato crisps.

There’s more than one way to lose your appetite.
Track Name: Dangerous Diva
Dangerous diva

She takes her time pumping on the down beat
She soars as the kick grooves a heart beat
She breaks open as her passion swells
She fades to silence for the love spell

She's so cool you're sliding on the floor
Smiling and tapping and wanting more
She's so dangerous and down right mean
It slaps you in the face when the woman screams

She glistens while the rest of us listen
She shows you what your ears have been missing
She is abandoned to the waves of groove
She makes my soul move

She's so hot you got to turn around
And open up your ears to the heavenly sound
She's so fine you can't walk away
It pulls you off the pavement you don't get a say

I thought I could live my life without her
Another night passing and I'm not there
Thinking i could hide with a man or three
Make no mistake about fever of the diva in me

You can't take it away, the woman can shout,
And moan and wail and hold a note 'til you would blackout
You think I'm not talking straight?
Trust your ears it's not too late!