by Karen Hunter



This project will grow and take shape throughout Summer 2019 until I have 9 songs completed. So please do support the project by purchasing a download for $15NZ and I'll let you know when a new song is added so you can get each track as soon as I release it. Thanks in advance! Your support means a lot to me.


released December 7, 2018

Kāren Hunter - everything except;

Chewy Wilson - Hand Pan on Divinity.
Carlos Riegel - Djembe on Divinity and Guitar on Fundamentalism.

Alistair Wait - kindly lent me the mics, mixer, headphones and laptop with Reaper loaded onto it.
Ross Hill - kindly gave me the incredible guitar made by local luthier Rod Capper.
Russ Bathurst - kindly lent me some mic stands.
Captain Black - kindly mastered Divinity and Befriend me.
Matthew Hunter and Zooey Neumann kindly gave me a room to work in.
Anna Neumann - kindly painted the cover.




Karen Hunter Auckland, New Zealand

Kāren Hunter takes her audience on a sublime musical journey with evocative melodies that draw from a fusion of world music and rootsy grooves. 

Kāren Hunter uses guitar, voice, mandolin and loops to create heart charged soundscapes that draw deep from the well of our collective spirit. These are love songs to Papatuānuku / Mother Earth, freshly baked beside the fire of Ranginui / Sky Father.
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Track Name: Divinity

These hands I can play this drum
And on these two legs I can walk on this earth
Sharing space with the trees
Alimentation of all of my needs
We share this earth with the trees
Think of their needs

We share this earth with the trees we have to think of their needs

In the time that it takes to prepare
Gifts of love for the ones that I care
In the forever moments we share
Expanding the time we have together
Stretching the time we have together

We share the sky with the birds
We share the sea with the fish
We share the earth with the trees
We have to think of their needs

Moving forwards and backwards through time
Sharing knowledge that’s neither yours or mine
Separate from cultural design
We’re living in Divinity

One ocean, we’re living in it
One life form, we are being it
One life, we’re sharing that together
One planet, we’re walking on it
One ozone, we’re breathing in it
We’re sheltering under one life
One life
We are one life
With everything

We share the sea with the fish
We share the earth with the trees
We share the sky with the birds

We’re walking on one planet in Divinity
You and me, me and you and everything that’s breathing
You and me, me and you and everything that takes up space here
We are shariing this planet
We are living together on it
We could be one
Surely we are one

Track Name: Birthing Life
birthing life, our crystal ocean
earth’s body, rich in liquidity
salty tides tracing sandy fingers
sticky on wet skin

animals, birds, fish, & insects
congregating to drink, to be family
sweet droplets on tongue and beak

tree whales break though soil and sky
diving branches drenched with rain
falling back to muddy pools
where sparkling rays flash fine sprays
misty rainbows of light

humanity swims in elemental rivers
expanding ripples of ancestry
i am my grandmothers egg
and waited in my mothers waves
until the juices of my father burst life

with ocean, with moon, with rhythm, with blood
inky wetness sinks deep
intuitive forces,
receptive emotive
Track Name: Fundamentalism
Fundamentalism, doesn't matter what it is, just means people will suffer.

Together we can all stand as one
And live with respect and honour
Today let us all pray together
Remember our children are watching

Weapons of Destruction, doesn't matter whose they are, just mean people will suffer.

How can we live our lives in pain and anger when we could share in love together?
Track Name: Befriend Me
Befriend me
Give me your hearts and I'll show you mine
You showed me the love of friends though you didn't know me
Just the laughter in my eyes
When you wear your smile

Rolling off my skin
As I watch you take me in
I bump and start cause it's new to me
Can't help but find my way

Befriend me
As you open your door to me
A book to read and a place to sleep
Something to eat and someone to talk to
As we sing, dance and pray together
(it) makes me think hard

Befriend me
As you lie beside me
And hold me close on the dance floor
Can't help but feel my feelings rise
Unfolding your story between street lamps and kisses
I want to say more but it keeps me warm inside

Befriend me
Kiss me goodbye I don't want to let go
With time so short and sweet
So powerful and so wise
I'm changed forever now
Can you feel my love do you know
You are here with me
When I close my eyes

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