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gradually falling down - music for yoga practise II

by Karen Hunter

arrive 02:26
Nylon string guitar.
settle 05:26
Ganesha Sharanam
cleanse 06:00
surrender 11:42
Ranginui, Papatūānuku ( opening section ) Dirge Maharani Devi ( later section )
deep space 08:06
explore 05:40
Breathe in, Open Breath in, Open Feel your heart, Open Feel your heart, Explore Breathe out, Open Breath out, Open Feel your heart, Open Feel your heart, Explore LIfe is an adventure Life is an adventure Feel your heart, Open Feel your heart, Have Courage to Explore


For me, this is medicine. Please download it and use it when you need it for peace and surrender. If you are able to support me financially then you can, but if you just need medicine... what goes around comes around .... love kārena

This collection of recordings was made in conjunction with Katy Carter of Hamsa Yoga in Mangawhai. Katy lead a group of about 20 people through a set of somatic Yin Yoga asana and I accompanied the session with live music. That is what you are listening to.
I have made just a few post-production edits, mostly it's what was played live. My idea for releasing this work as my second 'Music for Yoga Practise' album is that you can put it on and begin your yoga practise, allowing the musical textures to augment your focus, as they will.

This collection is about 45 mins long and begins with a short piece to 'arrive' at your mat and let go of the rest of the day. Here is a link to a lovely video for 'arrive' which was fllmed in the Waitakere Ranges, Tamaki Makaurau, Aoteroa. youtu.be/add6JOB0xCQ

Two gentle warm up peices follow; "gradually falling down' and 'settle', the latter of which invokes the Hindu deity Ganesha and asks him to remove any obstacles we have on our path.

The stronger energy of 'cleanse' uses a light frame drum and koauau/bone flute to help you focus on what might be a stronger section of your practise.

The wonderful slippery 'surrender' with the slide mandolin and recitations of the names of the Atua Maori, Ranginui and Papatūānuku along with the Hindu Goddess Dirge, can be used for both focus or rest. 'Surrender' is a longer peice and starts and finishes with a mandolin melody of 1:15 length, which might be a great length for a deeper stretch, or a moment to reorganise your props and drink a little water :-)

"Deep space", has bells, Vietnamese mouth harp and tuning forks, is a wonderful mediation should you choose to use it in this way.

The final song 'explore' is lovely for shavasana/resting, however in my opinion most of the tracks here would be appropriate for shavansana.

Enjoy e te whanau! Let me know what you think!


released September 29, 2019

Kāren Hunter plays guitar, mandolin, bells, Vietnamese mouth harp, koauau, frame drum, tuning forks, vocals, delays and creates loops using these instruments.




Karen Hunter Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealander Kāren Hunter uses guitar, voice, mandolin and loops to create heart charged soundscapes that draw deep from the well of our collective spirit.
These are love songs to Papatuānuku / Mother Earth, freshly baked under the fire of Ranginui / Sky Father.

Each album has it's own role in her collection, from rootsy songs, Celtic dub to Yoga music, Kāren is a diverse and eclectic composer.
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