Words & Groove

by Karen Hunter

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Words and Groove was originally released in 2010 with different cover art. This digital edition has been reordered and some songs have been omitted to create a better narrative. The new cover is a painting by New Zealand artist Christina Earl.

The accompanying .pdf booklet ( which you receive when you purchase the album) shows the original cover and song order and includes the omitted songs lyrics. It has been included for the great photos which document the recording session really well.


released January 1, 2010

Karen Hunter - guitar & voice
Aaron Coddel - bass
Ron Samsom - drums
Roger Manins - sax & flute
Kevin Field - piano
Oliver Emmitt - trombone
Jess Curtis - vocals
Juliex Taylor Reid, Chris Wood backing vocals
Kingsley Melhuish - trumpet

Produced by Hunter & Steve Garden




Karen Hunter Auckland, New Zealand

Hunter de Luz (Karen Hunter) takes her audience on a sublime musical journey with evocative melodies that draw from a fusion of world music and rootsy grooves.

On her latest release Hunter loops her voice to create heart charged soundscapes, blending her many influences in an entertaining and original fashion.

Songwriting this good can not be faked. Ripitup
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Track Name: Can you read the future?
Can you read the future?

Trim the sails as the cannon roars
the scurvy wind cries
on the broken shore
the tide is turning
with an ominous swell
can you read the future?

stuck like a starfish to your hull
a barnacle of desire
a blow hole ruptures my hard shell
I've got pain.......for hire

a pot of gold full of pieces of eight
you curdle my blood mate
I’d throw you over in the flash of a knife
cause I've got rage.......for life

blindfold my eyes as I walk the plank
salt spray stings my lips love
you gave me your heart & I watched as it sank
I've got spite .... for wings
Track Name: Vanilla Wednesday
Vanilla Wednesday

she walks on tiptoe
straight and political
Determined, Graceful, Staunch and Hot

i see her Shoes

towering – sky towering
bungee defying
4 or 5 inch foundational
girders burrowing into
concrete river

… and we wait… for the bus

she brushes
she coaxes
she lovingly licks her finger to wipe the marks off

her tall black attention grabbing Shoes

the inevitable
Herne Bay parade of
pushchair jogging
Jack Russell leading
skinny mammas
in the best walking gear
proceed to pass
with one eye
disbelievingly arching towards

those Shoes

not so oblivious
pale peach nails
caress the keys
on a slide phone
perhaps she’s documenting
the successful domination
of this vanilla Wednesday

By Her Shoes
Track Name: A Kiss without a Moustache
A kiss without a moustache is like an egg without the salt

Skin deep beauty stiletto filled dream
Baby’s busy working, working the machine
Arm round a lamp-post a finger in her belt
A toot to take her mind from another welt
Out till sunrise, she knows what she wants
it’s a kiss without the moustache, an egg without the salt

Single letter streets lead to broken sleep
Waiting in the doorway to make ends meet
Deep down she’d doubted it would come to this
Superman would save her from the stench and mess
Guess he’s running late, can’t see no blue lighting bolt
Bringing clean shaved kisses like eggs without salt

Met him on Sunday he was mowing the lawn
Pretty brown skin in his rugby uniform
Only a boy would have missed those cues
Lady with her head full of poor me blues
Tried to take it slowly no cry of assault
To steal the juice from the lips of an egg without the salt

When it turned to custard she flicked him away
Somehow the Government is always there to pay
For the late night parties in the suburban zone
For the broken arm chair and the sticky bud cone
She didn’t want to say it was anyone’s fault
All she ever wanted was a kiss without the salt

The ladies order and the ladies pay
The L word breathes life into another day
Turning full circle, kind of dizzy from the whorl
Running out of money, running out of twirl
Even got a day job just to see how it felt.
Without the kisses, moustaches, the eggs and the salt
Track Name: Compromise

Jack don’t want Jill around
Doesn’t like it when things tumble down
Jill don’t want Jack no more
Sick of fixing his crown as he walks out the door
He says he don’t miss her in the morning
She says she don’t need him in the afternoon
In the dead of night the pitch black calls her name

No one’s telling any lies
No one’s going to compromise

Moonlight walking in the sand
Love-struck dreamers holding hands
Speak their minds and laugh
Then drop down onto the grass
Satellites flash across the heaven
Orion points his sword up high
Frozen breathe but the fire wins

If you cry I will hold you
If you’re afraid I will be bold for you
If you’re alone I’ll be around
If you need space I’ll disappear
If you smile I will flower
You are my strength and my power
But if you close down to me babe I won’t be here
Track Name: Proximity

You say you lost trust
I beg to differ
I think we became
Too familiar
Too family
Too close to see
Too close to hear

No words exchanged can ever explain such an unlikely connection
Years fall away when two people are in close proximity

One day the world stopped
Or maybe the river
You changed the gears but
I pulled the lever
Believe me
Too close to see
Too close to hear

Slowly the tide retreats
Empties the picture
Telephone won’t let go
Lost the receiver
You and me
Too close to see
Too close to hear
Track Name: Little by Little
Little by little

Little by little
One foot in front of the other
I’m crawling inch by inch to your door
You hear my song you hear my prayer
You hear me in my deepest need
It’s my inspiration when I feel like I’m alone

Further and further
I hear your voice in my mind
It’s a gentle persuasion to leave the past behind
You are reflected in all of the people who surround me
It’s my motivation when I feel like I’m alone

There’s a black hole in my heart that beckons me
A need that interrupts the peace around me
When I was young I looked for anything
To fill that hole, do you want to know what I found?
Sex was good ‘cause there was company
I learned I got attention if I gave it away for free
Pills were good ‘cause they deadened me
I learned to balance the uppers and the downers until numbness enveloped me
Pot was great and it was everywhere
All my friends felt the same way through the days and nights
Laughing and fighting and talking ourselves into believing the world was an ‘us and them’ reality
‘We’ were right and ‘they’ were wrong
Travelling was great
I went everywhere
I ran away from the emptiness in my heart and was shocked when it followed me there
So I drank to fill it
I tripped to fill it
I smoked to kill it
I dressed to kill to kill it
I ate to fill it
I lusted to fill it
I loved one after another after another to fill it

Now there’s a fire in the storm in my belly
And an ocean swelling in my heart
And my eyes are awake to the beauty
Of a world full of music and art
Track Name: Purify

Miraprabhu Radheshyam Venugopala
Ananda Sagara Murali Dhara

I have everything I need in this eternal light
The gift of love and knowledge that I’m bathing in your light
Purifying purifying in the sacred fire
Purifying purifying in the sacred fire

You are so beautiful
I offer you my heart knowing you hold the key

Singing for the joy I feel the blessing of each breath
With courage as I journey on from birth unto my death
Purifying purifying in the sacred water
Purifying purifying in the sacred water

Miraprabhu Radheshyam Venugopala
Ananda Sagara Murali Dhara