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Mr Kite Goes Fishing

by Karen Hunter

Elephants 03:44
Elephants are squeezing their way into my consciousness Elephants are breaking out of institutional enclosures Like long incarcerated inmates Just wanting to sit without wall and chains It's possible that elephants are sick and tired of food prepared inside concrete kitchens By clinicians with aprons and overalls Elephants may have said everything there is to say to small children - and to harassed parents They may be tired of being good They may be pleasantly irritated - Unpleasantly Foul smelly thoughts brooding under huge ears Remembering the tall green trees of the lush forests of India Worshipped as godlike creatures Removers of obstacles Mediums between the common man and the Gods Elephants swim in rivers and laugh in the jungles Relics of history ……………………….Timeless Strong Remnants of an era where the tiger was the main predator Ripping ribbons from your flanks with teeth and claw
Notoriety 04:27
Trampoline 04:31
Pretty 04:20
Sticky sweet, pink and white Covered in plastic in your Blonde hair and brand new rain coat Batting your eyelids like honey grows there In that vat of sucrose and flavourings Milky hot liquid moves around itself So fucking hot To keep from sticking Wanna be hot? Like a lolly screaming "suck me - suck me - suck me off"? Candy cane I've got to buy you Buy you and suck you on the side of the street Bright pink PVC and cleavage on the street corner Wide eyed neon pupils as I drive past Tempting But the price is high Bite once and I know I'd have to do it again Eat too much and spit black rotting teeth into the gutter I remember you Candy Walking wild in an old song Living on an island and sucking dick Licking the sticky shit off your cheek I cared once Cause you resisted I cared twice For your bad temper I cared thrice For not smiling when the boss man took his fill Caned over the back of a chair in this office Until the stick broke squarely on your pink and white ass Until you punched him squarely in the jaw Licking blood off your fist now honey? Wrapped up in a brand new pink and white PVC rain-coat Money makes everything all better Until Until desperation point Candy? Until the peroxide runs down your face and stings your eyes? Ain't it hard to hold it all together and still watch out for the dog shit on the floor
Angry 03:30
i grind my smile down to the bone Trying to get to know you I still feel like I'm alone Even when you're near So do you have something to say? I'm right here, I won't go away Imagination makes it's point In a desperate fashion Anything to make a dent In your armour plating Come on get it off your chest Are you too blind to see you're angry? I know you're angry with it all Every questions an assault Delivered with a jack boot Everyone just closes their throats Because that’s what happens If you keep your chin square And you pretend you're not angry You'll find friends in the weirdest places Today's strangers are tomorrow's familiar faces It's hard to sit with one view of the world And everyones right What are you going to do? If everyone who wants to fight Takes out a piece of paper Fills it up with words of hate Posts them to each other Maybe then we could compare All the feelings of everyone who's angry
Tightrope 03:28
Dolphin 03:32


released January 1, 2004




Karen Hunter Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealander Kāren Hunter uses guitar, voice, mandolin and loops to create heart charged soundscapes that draw deep from the well of our collective spirit.
These are love songs to Papatuānuku / Mother Earth, freshly baked under the fire of Ranginui / Sky Father.

Each album has it's own role in her collection, from rootsy songs, Celtic dub to Yoga music, Kāren is a diverse and eclectic composer.
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