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Hunter de Luz

by Karen Hunter

Evolve with Grace We are not afraid We are free from restriction We face our demons We embrace and we learn from them Keeping our feet anchored on the ground Keeping our feet anchored on the earth There is no separation only human connection With ourselves and our planet – Gaia And if we need to sound we do it with conviction There is nothing missing right here right now Evolve with grace As we take our space To fulfil our potential There is nothing missing Right here - Right now
Let the spaces in Fly to live – live to fly With flight we find our hearts delight Nuture our bodies with water sweet Feeding our souls with dancing feet Listen without , listen within Speak from the heart in languages Expressions of truth and wandering Fresh perspectives on freedom Family by blood, family by tribe Gather together and celebrate life Precious attention focus not Service the need and receive Nourish the body, nourish the soul Let go of the need to know What we have at our disposal Is enough for evolution Breathe out, breathe in Make room to let the spaces in
Prana 04:55
Prana We come together for dancing We come together for sharing We come together for healing We come together to remember who we are We come together for laughing We come together for crying We come together for the strength to continue to be ….. In our individuality In our collectivity Prana means life force Prana means the breath of life Inhale / Exhale
Generate 01:32
Generate What can we generate in our world? What can we manifest in our world? Let’s try generating deep listening Powerful listening - generate that! Listen on the surface Listen profoundly For the unspoken ( let’s try that ) Lets try generating quiet silence Stillness and silence – generate that! Expand internally Open awareness And curiousity ( lets try that ) Let’s try generating solind grounding Soul centred grounding – generate that! Ground individually, ground in a circle With the whole community ( let’s try that ) Lets try generating intelligence Collective intelligence – generate that! Bringing into focus our purpose Lets channel it – lets try that
Miraprabhu Radheshyam Venugopala Ananda Sagara Murali Dhara I have everything I need in this eternal light The gift of love and knowledge that I’m bathing in your light Purifying purifying in the sacred fire Purifying purifying in the sacred fire You are so beautiful I offer you my heart knowing you hold the key Singing for the joy I feel the blessing of each breath With courage as I journey on from birth unto my death Purifying purifying in the sacred water Purifying purifying in the sacred water Miraprabhu Radheshyam Venugopala Ananda Sagara Murali Dhara
Sing 04:25
The Path 05:25


I call these 'Songs for the Awakening'. These are poems sung to music made on my looper - messages of hope and optimism. Dedicated to those in the process of conscious evolution.

April 13th 2019 - I have just remastered a couple of tracks on this collection to even out the volumes and I've reordered the songs.


released January 1, 2017

Recorded live with vocals and looper plus delays and effects..




Karen Hunter Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealander Kāren Hunter uses guitar, voice, mandolin and loops to create heart charged soundscapes that draw deep from the well of our collective spirit.
These are love songs to Papatuānuku / Mother Earth, freshly baked under the fire of Ranginui / Sky Father.

Each album has it's own role in her collection, from rootsy songs, Celtic dub to Yoga music, Kāren is a diverse and eclectic composer.
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